PPN x Chic Remix 1.0 : De Luxe Mode


Prepare yourselves for a FREE TO BE DIFFERENT experience as POPPIN Chic brings Luxury Fashion into the Mix!  In a world full of trends, it's time for you to create your own magic by being unapologetically FREE in what you wear.  Create the trend, Be Your Own Muse and STAND OUT without having to say a WORD!  

The Remix is for the Bold, the Confident, the Risk Taker...one who cares less about what others think.  One who commands the room with her ENERGY and bringing her STYLE into the mix is an added bonus!   One who creates trends, not follow them!  Get into the MIX with PPN x CHIC version 1.0.  We are forever a movement and forever evolving.  This is a Remix not to be Reckoned with!  

Don't just stand there, Be FREE TO BE DIFFERENT!

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